Pushing 30 and still haven’t seen the world.

We all have a mental “list” of things that we want to do before we grow old. I know 30 isn’t old but when you’re a teenager it might as well be 60. We somehow see that age as the loss of fun. That’s when we’re suppose to be serious and balance checkbooks, and buy life insurance to leave for our 3 kids while wearing our not too fashionable parent clothes.

We fear getting to our 30’s. Could it be the overwhelming amount of pressure that we feel to have everything in order before we even reach that age? Or could it be that we see a lot of people around that age who are unhappy with their life? I think those two might be it.

By the time we are Thirty we’re suppose to: have a stable source of income, either already be parents or working on it, own more than one vehicle, be married, have some sort of “status behind our name”, and have done a lot of things right in our lives.

This way of thinking bogs us down and causes us to think that we are not good enough, that we don’t deserve to experience the flavor of life. We put off our naturally infused wanderlust.

Hmm…… maybe I’m just projecting. I’ve put off traveling for far too long.

I always have excuses (school, job, family, safety, depression, etc.), but this year is when I let go of those fears and hop on that plane.

I’m getting older, that I cannot help. But what I CAN help is what I’m going to do with my life.

I’m not going to let other people’s fears be projected onto me, and you shouldn’t either!

Let’s save up our money and take our trips because we deserve to see the world.


Whether it was physical or verbal, you remember how that felt? Remember how your chest tightened and your breathing increased because you were dealing with a new experience.

Maybe your voice cracked… you were speaking with such intensity and passion!

Your “Fight or Flight” was triggered.You were speaking so violently that you were sure that fire was gonna spew from your face. Your veins constricted, and your heart was pounding… you were getting ready for war.

Maybe not in the literal sense but this was your first time dealing with confrontation. Did it get any easier for you? Are your still slow to confront other people?

How was your first? Did you feel stringer? More powerful afterwards?

Or maybe you felt weak? Flaccid maybe, like your knees couldn’t lock and you struggled to stand up?

I wanna know….. Maybe you’ll re-learn something about yourself?

If Suicide Squad fails…….

It’s no secret that Warner Bros\DC is trying to catch up to Marvel in the live action cinematic movies department. The last few movies that were to suppose to set up the DCCU(DC Cinematic Universe) were not overtly well-received. Man Of Steel was criticized for being too dark and having wanton destruction. Batman V. Superman has received TWICE the criticism and has caused people to be hesitant for the future of DC comic movies.

This got me thinking…. what if Suicide Squad fails?

Well….. that will shake my faith in the DCCU.

I know we have Wonder Woman coming out next year so I guess we could look forward to that. Ihave concerns with her origin story but it looks like they will draw inspiration from Darwyn Cook’s New Frontier.

Back to Suicide Squad, I’m actually looking forward to this movie. I was looking forward to it more than BVS.

It looks FUN!

Fun is what’s lacking in there movies.

Side note: Technically Green Lantern was the first movie in this “Cinematic Universe” but if Warner Bros. has forgotten about that movie, then so should the rest of us.


Star Wars movies according to the Hardcore fans:

The Star Wars movies have seen both critical (almost cult-like) success and harsh (rage-filled) criticism. Movies this beloved have to be put under a microscope, if only to see what all the hype is about.

But like anything that’s nerdy and popular, you have a subsection of fans who get very passionate about their fictional escape. They will call themselves “True” fans (Which is snobbish and pretentious), but I will call them…. Hardcore.

From all of my nerdy conversation with other fans of star wars, as well as nerd-raged bitching I have come across on the internet; this is how most of the Hardcore Star Wars fans think of the movies overall.

Episode 1: It doesn’t exist!!!!!!!

Episode 2: The worst one of the group.

Episode 3: Ehhhhhhhhh…… it was a’ight!

Episode 4: Nostalgic Feels!


Episode 6: Great film…….minus the Ewoks and that stupid-ass Tarzan tell.

Bonus (The Holiday Special): See episode 1.

Welp, now you know how the nerds feel about this. I’m sleepy and tired from work, PEACE!

All this fuss over BvS!

Time to get into some nerdy shit!

I don’t know about y’all (I’m from the south, get use to this), but I’m a little tired of hearing about Batman V. Superman: Dawn of the Justice Leagues or whatever. To be more specific, I’m tired of everyone complaining about it.

Now I’m not new to the interwebs, nerds complaining about meaningless miscellaneous shit fills most of the void that is the internet. But I have not seen so much hate for a film like this since the Star Wars prequels. I had to sit back and think about why…..why do thy hate this so much?

To be fair, I HAVE seen the movie and I think that it’s………meh. I mean I love all of the Batman stuff and it was a nerdtastic pleasure to see both BATMAN & SUPERMAN on the same movie screen (Now I’m waiting for that Green Lantern John Stewart movie for my dreams to be complete). But as a whole I felt like the movie was rushed, especially towards the end. I didn’t hate it, I just saw wasted potential that was hyped up for 3 years.

…….. My God! That’s it isn’t it?!?

They made us wait so long for a supposed “Marvel Killer” that it couldn’t live up to the hype. Plus it didn’t help that the second trailer basically gave away the movie but, I digress. It is clear that they are trying to catch up to Marvel studios but nothing seems to be clicking.

When Marvel puts out 1-2 movies every year and DC waited 3 years just to put out 1 (2 if you count Suicide Squad but we’ll see), it’s disappointing when said movie doesn’t blow your socks off!

I’m not saying I agree with all of the childish nerdrage that filling every social media, comics, and movie site; I’m just saying that I understand it.

I never wanna struggle again.

A little history on me: I did not grow up in a “well off” area. My family lived in one of the many poorer areas of town. My father was gone all of the time (A sailor in the Navy) and my mother worked for the city at a dead-end desk job. It’s safe to assume that we did not have that much money but my mom always made sure that I was happy and taken care of. She tried to make it all work but she was only human, and the financial pressures of raising a child with special medical needs gets overbearing.

One of the events that forever changed my life was when I was 10 years old and I saw my mother break down and cry and her not having any money. I rarely saw my mother cry, as I recall the only other time I remember her doing that was when we watched the movie Selena (which is still a damn good movie that chokes me up till this day). Seeing your mother being so vulnerable does something to a person. Like, it changes you. It made me want to protect her. I wanted to fight the physical manifestation of all of her worries and beat it to a bloody mess for making her cry. Unfortunately, the only I could do as a ten-year old kid was be there for her. I wanted to hug & kiss my mother to reassure her that everything was going to be okay but what the hell does a ten-year old know about the world?

I would never tell her this but there were times when I use to skip eating just because I didn’t want her spending extra money on me. It’s a silly thing that a child would do in quell a problem. I thought that I was so smart, thinking I could also lose weight like that (I was…. kind of a chubby kid). I felt like it was the only thing I could do in order to help, so in a screwed up was it was thoughtful. Do me a favor and never tell mi madre about this, k?

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Hey attractive people….

Mi nombre es Corey y me gusta escribir!

I am taking rudimentary Spanish and wanted to show off a lil bit. But forreal, welcome to my blog page!

I am currently a lost-in-life 20-something with a love of all things nerdy and inspirational. Which is probably going to be the theme of this blog; an inspirational nerd who writes about whatever occupies his grey matter.

I’m on limited time right now but I just wanted to get this intro out there.

If you are reading this then………. please stay…… or come back.

Anyways, I’m making churros.

See y’all next time.

Luv, Corey