If Suicide Squad fails…….

It’s no secret that Warner Bros\DC is trying to catch up to Marvel in the live action cinematic movies department. The last few movies that were to suppose to set up the DCCU(DC Cinematic Universe) were not overtly well-received. Man Of Steel was criticized for being too dark and having wanton destruction. Batman V. Superman has received TWICE the criticism and has caused people to be hesitant for the future of DC comic movies.

This got me thinking…. what if Suicide Squad fails?

Well….. that will shake my faith in the DCCU.

I know we have Wonder Woman coming out next year so I guess we could look forward to that. Ihave concerns with her origin story but it looks like they will draw inspiration from Darwyn Cook’s New Frontier.

Back to Suicide Squad, I’m actually looking forward to this movie. I was looking forward to it more than BVS.

It looks FUN!

Fun is what’s lacking in there movies.

Side note: Technically Green Lantern was the first movie in this “Cinematic Universe” but if Warner Bros. has forgotten about that movie, then so should the rest of us.



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