Remember your first fight?

Whether it was physical or verbal, you remember how that felt? Remember how your chest tightened and your breathing increased because you were dealing with a new experience.

Maybe your voice cracked… you were speaking with such intensity and passion!

Your “Fight or Flight” was triggered.You were speaking so violently that you were sure that fire was gonna spew from your face. Your veins constricted, and your heart was pounding… you were getting ready for war.

Maybe not in the literal sense but this was your first time dealing with confrontation. Did it get any easier for you? Are your still slow to confront other people?

How was your first? Did you feel stringer? More powerful afterwards?

Or maybe you felt weak? Flaccid maybe, like your knees couldn’t lock and you struggled to stand up?

I wanna know….. Maybe you’ll re-learn something about yourself?


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