Pushing 30 and still haven’t seen the world.

We all have a mental “list” of things that we want to do before we grow old. I know 30 isn’t old but when you’re a teenager it might as well be 60. We somehow see that age as the loss of fun. That’s when we’re suppose to be serious and balance checkbooks, and buy life insurance to leave for our 3 kids while wearing our not too fashionable parent clothes.

We fear getting to our 30’s. Could it be the overwhelming amount of pressure that we feel to have everything in order before we even reach that age? Or could it be that we see a lot of people around that age who are unhappy with their life? I think those two might be it.

By the time we are Thirty we’re suppose to: have a stable source of income, either already be parents or working on it, own more than one vehicle, be married, have some sort of “status behind our name”, and have done a lot of things right in our lives.

This way of thinking bogs us down and causes us to think that we are not good enough, that we don’t deserve to experience the flavor of life. We put off our naturally infused wanderlust.

Hmm…… maybe I’m just projecting. I’ve put off traveling for far too long.

I always have excuses (school, job, family, safety, depression, etc.), but this year is when I let go of those fears and hop on that plane.

I’m getting older, that I cannot help. But what I CAN help is what I’m going to do with my life.

I’m not going to let other people’s fears be projected onto me, and you shouldn’t either!

Let’s save up our money and take our trips because we deserve to see the world.


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