So something bad happened in Orlando last night.

As a Florida native, I have made my way to Orlando almost yearly. Smackdab in the center of Florida, Orlando host to amusement parks and tourist sites. I’ve been to Orlando my whole life and I enjoy visiting there. My point in bringing up my history with the city is to emphasize that this fun-loving town would be the last place I expected something like this to happen.

I have loved ones and friends that reside down there and luckily they were not harmed, but I shudder to think that what if this had happened in one month?

I go to my local gay bar here in Jax, what if something like this happened then? I could be dancing up a sweat in Incahoots and some crazed asshole could just open fire right next to me.

Originally I was going to make this longer but as I sit here typing this up I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with sadness.

This didn’t need to happen.

I don’t know any of those people, I don’t know whether they were good or bad, or anywhere on that spectrum, but they weren’t killed because of their actions or the contents of their character: THEY WERE KILLED SIMPLY BECAUSE ONE GUY WAS GROSSED OUT.

Fuck that guy, I don’t even need to know his name because that shit-scum doesn’t deserved to be remembered.

I hope the families of the victims can find peace after this.

Please make this future a better one.