“Times don’t change, only technology does”.

I’ve heard this saying more in the past 24 hours than the last few months. And you know what…… It’s true!

We all witnessed yet again another example of police brutality and public execution. This wasn’t a satirising where there was a shootout and the bad guy got shot. And this wasn’t a case where they’re was no evidence of foul play so we have to take the officers word for it. We have high definition video of a man getting executed.

I’m so happy for the age and time that I live in, because now there’s a social backlash against police shootings. I hate it when people romanticize the past, they fall in love with the fashion and aesthetics but forget the social problems.

Right now I’m angry and I’m tired, but that doesn’t mean shit. This won’t go away. I’m not a religious person but i pray for my family. I pray for my niece and nephews. I pray they never have to go through this.


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