The Force Awakens is our fault…

Much like a good number of people I watched the latest episode of South Park (Douche and a Danish) and in comes a part that relates to a certain winter time blockbuster. The character Randy sits down Mr. Garrison and tells him the origin of “memberberries”. This was obviously used as a vehicle to make commentary on how society want things that are nostalgic but in doing so stunts growth and creativity. Randy says that even though Star Wars: The Force Awakens went through the motions of the old Star Wars movies, it did not do anything new or different.  A lot of different sci-fi and comic book nerd sites and forums have talked about this since The Force Awakens came out but I think it’s worth talking about now that South Park mentioned it. And I will explain why TFA was kind of our faults.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Red Letter Media’s “Plinkett Reviews” but if you are not then look them up on YouTube, they’re legitimately entertaining. If you would to look up their most popular videos, you would find that their Star Wars Prequel reviews to be at the very top. RLM kind of gotten famous for their lengthy and in-dept Star Wars and Star Trek reviews. Most famously their Star Wars Episode 1 review is around 90 minutes long. And I kid you not, these guys go into serious detail about everything that’s wrong with these movies. Most people would probably not make it past the 8 minute mark of some guy complaining about minute details on a science-fiction movie that’s over 10 years old but that keeps you there are the dark humor spread throughout the review. This is what makes you want to keep viewing the videos. I enjoy watching him tear these films apart ,although I admit that I still like Episode 3 even with all it’s flaws. I must confess, like all of the other nerds on the internet I was dog piling on the Star Wars Prequels too. It was “cool” to talk shit about the prequels while unabashedly defending the Original Trilogy like they the gospel. Now with me saying all of that I am NOT blaming Red Letter Media for The Force Awakens, but I think that they channeled a voice for the frustrated fans of those who grew up with the classic Star Wars. We didn’t think nothing of it, we just wanted the old Star Wars back. Sadly though, someone out there listened to us.

When I first saw The Force Awakens, I was a little surprised by how much it borrowed from A New Hope. This is nothing new, there are plenty of people who hopped on the internet to cry about how similar it was but not too many people looked into “Why” is resembled it so much. Unfortunately, it came down to the fans. The legions of nerds who took to the internet to curse the prequels fro not being what we wanted. Please notice I am not using the accusatory “you” and “they” because I must admit I have a hand in this too. It wouldn’t be right to pass the buck but I guess that’s why I wanted to talk about the cause of it. Actually I cannot blame the studios for going that route, they were put in a no-win situation. Trying something new and unique is risky and Disney spent $4,000,000,000 to obtain the Star Wars license so they needed something sure to hit. Now say what you want about the prequels (most of the internet did), but you have to admit that they are different from the original trilogy. Matter of fact, Episode 3 was at the time the only Star Wars movie to be rated Pg-13 and dealt with some pretty dark material such as genocide. I’m not saying that these were the right choices but that definitely set them apart from the originals. Even though TFA made a shitton of money, a lot of people are now asking for something more original. Hopefully people no see that retreading the same grounds doesn’t do anything for us because we’ve already seen it. Think about that unnecessary Psycho remake with Vince Vaughn. They did an almost shot for shot remake of the classic Hitchcock movie. The remake was so similar that it almost seemed redundant, like why do it if you’re just gonna do the same thing over again. Now I know that that was just one example but the fact that Star Wars is such a beloved franchise that has decades of extended lore and original stories that just makes The Force Awakens seem like a disappointment.

With me saying all that let me say this too, I enjoyed the force awakens for what it was. I guess my only hope in writing this is that by some form of chance someone with influence reads this and decides to take a chance on doing something new with the future Star Wars movies. Origin stories are cool but people love star wars because of the possibilities that come with the universe. If you guys want, I will come up with some unique concept and stories that can be considered. I am a fan, always has been and will probably be one till I expire. I just want good stories so my family and I can enjoy them.

So….. let’s see how Rogue One will do.